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A Guide To Cannabis Chocolates

Looking to try some amazing chocolate infused with cannabis? Here, you will find high-quality and sweet-tasting cannabis weed chocolates from Bud Brothers Cannabis Dispensary.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert in using cannabis-infused edibles. At our dispensary, you will definitely find some of the very well-known and top-class cannabis chocolates that will surely make your day.

This is the complete guide to cannabis-infused chocolates. Throughout this article, you will find answers to the most common questions related to cannabis chocolate. We’ll help you meet all of your sweet weed needs.

What Are Cannabis-Infused Chocolates?

Cannabis chocolate includes extracts and active ingredients to give a sweet taste to the cannabis chocolate. There are numerous cannabis-made products (also known as edibles) available.

Bud Brothers has a wide variety of edibles available at their online store and in the store located in Hamilton, Ontario. There is no prep time! Contact one of our friendly staff to learn more about the best weed chocolate product match for you. We base our product selection on the feedback we receive from custiners in Hamilton, ON, Canada and the surrounding areas.

The combined effect of chocolate and weed is a match we don’t think you will regret trying!

The products included in the menu bar are:


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Eating Cannabis Vs. Inhaling It

We have cannabis chocolates in stock for seasoned customers who like to enjoy weed in chocolate form. So, are you a novice or a seasoned consumer? What is your sweet tooth craving today?

There are two famous methods of consuming weed: in the food form or in the form and vapors through inhalation. You can also consume it in the form of a drink, gummies, and even drops of oil.

So, now you have to decide which method of consumption will suit you the most.

How To Properly Store Weed Chocolate

There is more than one way to store a tweed chocolate bar or homemade chocolate bars. Just like regular chocolate, a cannabis chocolate bar will melt and become unappetizing to eat if left in a warm place. For example, don’t leave your cannabis-infused chocolate on a window sill or counter with the sun shining on it.

The ideal place to store edibles is in the fridge or a cool, dark place like a cupboard in the kitchen. Keep the chocolate in the original packaging or place it in a ziplock bag. We recommend storing your edibles in a locked cabinet or shelf if there are other people (especially minors) living with you. Dark chocolate will last about 2 months longer than milk and white chocolate bars, which last up to 10 months.

To avoid mold and keep your chocolate lasting the longest amount of time possible, store it in the freezer. Did you know you can store flower in the freezer as well? Give it a try!

Patience Is Key: Edibles Take Longer To Work

Unlike vaping or smoking a bowl, the effects of cannabis chocolate and other edibles take much longer to “kick in”. The effects of consuming edibles, such as cannabutter or chocolate fondue cannabis, won’t be felt for at least 45 minutes. It can even take up to 2-3 hours.

Never eat more edibles to “get higher”. Always wait because when it comes to edibles, patience is the key.

Where To Buy Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Bars

Cannabis-infused edibles or cannabis-mixed chocolates are available at Bud Brothers Cannabis Hamilton Dispensary. These products contain chemical compounds, cannabinoids, and other ingredients which are largely found in weed, which you can drink or eat as well. 

You can visit our shop to know more about cannabis-infused edibles, concentrates, pre-rolls, CBD oil, and vapors. Visit our online shop to learn about the usage and advantage of these products available at our dispensary. 

Bud Brothers Cannabis is located at 1568 Main St W, Hamilton, ON L8S 1E7.

Does Chocolate Increase Your High?

There is some evidence that suggests pairing cannabis with weed will intensify the high. There are 2 main reasons for this:

  • Chocolate on its’ own creates a blissful feeling of euphoria. When it’s paired with weed, it adds to the generally uplifting effect of the weed.

  • THC is fat-soluble and chocolate is high in fat.

Where To Find Dark Chocolate Edibles

You can find cannabis-infused chocolate bars at any legal dispensary in Ontario. Most dispensaries, including our shop, will also offer dark chocolate bars along with other weed products.

On the official website of Bud Brothers, you will find all the main categories of weed products. Delicious dark chocolate in various unique flavours can be found under the “Edibles” category.

The categories on our website include:

You can easily buy these products and accessories from the Bud Brothers store with special discounts. To know more about our store, you can call us on our number for more details at 289-768-5659.

A small pile of milk and white cannabis chocolate on a table with mint leaves.

Can You Put Chocolate In a Joint?

We don’t recommend putting chocolate into a joint or blunt. Cannabis chocolate is meant to be eaten and enjoyed in the same way regular chocolate is. Smoking an edible won’t provide you with a greater high. In fact, it might just not work at all.

Cannabis Chocolates – How Are They Different?

There are various other cannabis-infused products included in the edibles list that is provided by Bud Brothers. Those products include juices, lime water, Indica gummies, pack of gems, CBD powder, soda, soft chews, lemon sparkling water, mango fizz, cola, Sativa gummies, fast dissolvable powder, sparkling beverages, watermelon fizz, and many other products that are specially produced for the consumers who want to enjoy weed AND chocolate… at the same time.

Does CBD Cannabis Chocolate Make You Sleepy?

CBD oil isn’t known to make people sleepy, however, there are some reports of people feeling calmer after consuming CBD oil or edibles with high CBD. In theory, CBD has a calming effect and it could be this calming effect that helps people fall asleep, rather than a drowsy side effect.

Bud Brothers Dispensary: Cannabis Chocolate

The Bud Brother Dispensary consists of all the best products you can find in Ontario. You can also purchase the products from our online store online while paying through:

And get some amazing discounts on cannabis products too!

If you are looking for amazing deals and high-quality weed products, this is the right spot to explore.

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