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Ghost Drops Triple Threat: Product Review

Are you looking to test multiple strains without investing in large quantities of bud? This Bud Brothers review will introduce one of our best-selling multi-strain pre-roll packs created by Ghost Drops. 

“The Triple Threat” multi-strain pre-roll pack includes three 0.5g pre-rolled joints. You can expect  high THC and a consistent smoke with a smooth flavour.

What's Inside This Multi-Strain Pre-Roll Pack?

Inside you will find these 3 popular strains:

Ghost Drops First Class Funk:
THC 25.8%

Ghost Drops Z Splitter: THC 24.5%

Ghost Drops Khalifa Mints: THC 20.7

How To Use Triple Threat Pack

Pre-rolls are created to be easy to use and super convenient for any consumer. Simply apply fire to the tip of the joint (the end that is rolled), rotate it slowly so that it burns evenly on each side, then take little puffs to get it going. Take deeper, smooth inhales as needed after that. 

You can smoke the whole joint or put out the burning end to save it for later. Choose any pre-roll from the Ghost Drops triple threat pack set and enjoy.

Ghost Drops: What Customers Are Saying

Buy Ghost Drops From Bud Brothers Cannabis Dispensary

Overall, they’re top quality rolls, with some of the best flower you can find in Ontario. Each pre-roll is separated in the box and the filters are created with different coloured Ghost Drops labels: blue, green, and pink.

No grinding, rolling, or cleaning is required. This is the simplest way to enjoy Ghost Drops cannabis at your convenience. The multi-strain pre-roll box is a great way to sample different strains without paying more for each. It’s a convenient way to smoke for anyone who doesn’t want to invest a bunch of time into buying, grinding, and rolling their own weed. Simply buy a lighter and you are ready to smoke!

Even though First Class Funk has a lower THC amount per gram than the others, it is still a hard hitter. Expect a pungent funky scent, layered with strong fuel notes from the First Class Funk. Z-Splitter comes with a complex profile of sweet citrus, tropical fruit, and just the right amount of gas.  Khalifa mints stays true to its “The Menthol” lineage, with strong notes of pungent peppermint. These three are all hybrids so their effects will vary, but will feature elements of both a sativa and an indica high. 

About The Ghost Drops Brand

Ghost Drops has been operating since 2017 and launched into the legal market in Canada in 2021. Ghost Drops proudly advertises that they shine a light on the best growers in the legacy market, even though they have transitioned to the legal market.

How To Buy Triple Threat

Ghost Drops triple threat multi-strain pack is currently retailing at $24.50 per pack*. You can buy it online or in-store at your favourite local dispensary near McMaster University: Bud Brothers Cannabis Dispensary.

This is a great price point if you want to try a few top-shelf strains at your convenience. Ghost Drops is one of the few brands buying from micro cultivators and giving them credit as well. Many customers love this fact about the brand. 

*Currently out of stock, but we have ordered more and it is on the way!

3 images of packs of pre-rolled joints from Bud Brothers Cannabis dispensary in Hamilton, Ontario.

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