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Cannabis Dispensary & Weed Delivery Near McMaster

Quality Cannabis Products At Your Door

Orders must be a minimum of $20 for delivery, and there’s a $10 fee under $40. Free delivery if the order is over $40!

Here at Bud Brothers Cannabis, we pride ourselves on offering the best quality cannabis products which are lab-tested against mold, pesticides, and other harmful products. We understand that quality will take us far with our customers.

Bud Brothers Cannabis sells products from the best legal cannabis growers and cultivators. This has ensured we curate a line of products that are potent, reliable, and guaranteed to satisfy the biggest smoker.

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The Best Weed Delivery Service Near McMaster

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Bud Brothers Cannabis is a recreational cannabis store that has been offering weed delivery services in Hamilton, near McMaster University.  We are committed to offering a great customer experience focused on superior service and high-quality products.

At Bud Brothers Cannabis, we offer a wide selection of CBD and THC products including oils, edibles, flowers, and beverages. We strive at providing a welcoming and educational experience as a premier cannabis retail store near McMaster.

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Weed Delivery Near McMaster University

Bud Brothers Cannabis is the fastest weed delivery service in the Hamilton area. We offer the best adult-use cannabis brands in the McMaster area!

Our customers deserve the best-selling products and that explains why we do everything we can to offer the best weed and marijuana-infused products in the market to all our valued customers.

How To Order Cannabis Products Online

Purchasing weed online from Bud Brother Cannabis is easy. The procedure below will help you purchase cannabis online.

  • Search the shopping cart and add the products you want such as cannabis edibles, cannabis concentrates, cannabis flowers, pre-rolls, CBD, vape pens, and accessories. Add all the products you want to purchase to your cart.

  • Make online payments with a debit or credit card.

  • Card or cash payments upon delivery are also accepted.

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"Wow! Weed Delivery Near Me!"

We offer a great cannabis dispensary and weed delivery near McMaster that is well-rounded, affordable, and fast. Our website is very simple and easy to understand. Easy, fast, and clean for anyone to navigate.

Whenever you are searching for the nearest dispensary, we always want Bud Brothers Cannabis to be first. We offer the best service to all our customers ensuring they have a great experience.

Fast Weed Delivery In Hamilton, ON

Our menu suits every person and we offer a same-day delivery service. The cannabis products are of high quality with the best strains, edibles, and concentrate selection.

Don’t just take out word for it! Ensure you read through some of our five-star reviews from some of our happy customers. That is why we always offer our products at affordable prices and ensure our employees are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the industry.

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Free Delivery Near McMaster : Try It Today!

Bud Brothers Cannabis guarantees the freshness of all the weed products delivered. The freshness of cannabis products helps in preserving THC levels. The fresher the weed, the better it will be able to maintain THC levels.

That is why our team here at Bud Brothers Cannabis always works hard to offer all our customers the freshest weed products and best deals.


Bud Brothers Cannabis was founded to offer Hamilton, Ontario customers a one-of-a-kind destination and immersive experience for high-quality cannabis products both online and in person.

Quality Cannabis Products Near McMaster

Our mission is to offer the best weed delivery services in Hamilton, ON by ensuring safe access to legal cannabis. Bud Brothers strives to offer a positive experience through great customer service. We aim at establishing lasting relationships with our customers by going over and beyond their expectations.

Get Your Hamilton Weed Delivery Today

You can take advantage of your delivery service if you live in Hamilton and the surrounding area. Unlike other weed delivery services, we at Bud Brothers Cannabis offer same-day delivery you can always count on.

Most of our customers live busy lives. School, work commitments, family, home improvement projects, and other types of projects can be time-consuming. However, with reliable weed delivery services, you can avoid adding an errand to your already hectic schedule.

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Cannabis Products Near McMaster

We will deliver to your place of work or residence. However, you will have to show your government valid ID or a valid driver’s license first. Same-day delivery will depend on the time the order was placed. However, orders placed late in the day will not be delivered the same day. Ensure you take note of the delivery hours and get in touch with us early in the day for same-day delivery.



Yes, weed delivery is legal for adults over 19 years. It does not matter if you are ordering for medicinal use or recreational purpose.

Although it is not necessary to tip the weed delivery driver, there are customers who opt to do so.

The weed delivery driver will attempt to contact you by phone or text when you are not home. If unavailable by phone and text, we will reschedule weed delivery and follow up with you later on.

The person who places the order and submits their personal details like government-issued identification number and date of birth must receive while paying for the delivery.

You have to transact with legal entities only. You will take comfort knowing cannabis is in line with the strict processes and standards ensuring consistency and quality.

If you place your order early in the day, you will receive your cannabis the same day you placed the order. However, when you place your order late in the day, you will receive in the morning the following day.

Cannabis levels in your system will depend on the application method, amount consumed, gender, genetics, age, and other biological factors. However, cannabis effects can wear off within 24 hours. THC can stay in the system for close to 7 days or more.

Welcome To Bud Brothers! Are you 19+ years old?