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MTL Cannabis Sage N’ Sour: Product Review

At a reasonable price, these pre-rolled joints are a go-to for many of our cannabis customers.

What’s Inside MTL Cannabis Pre-Rolled joints?

Inside the cylinder-shaped package, you will find 3 classily pre-rolled joints (0.5g each) filled with either Cookies N’ Cream or Sage N’ Sour bud, which are both hybrids. If you prefer to roll your joints, note that you can buy the flower separately in packages of 3.5 grams. In this review, we will be taking a deeper look into the two strains from MTL Cannabis: Cookies N’ Cream and Sage N’ Sour.

Cookies N’ Cream vs Sage N’ Sour

These are two very popular strains. Let’s take a look at each one individually:

  • MTL Cannabis Cookies N’ Cream: This hybrid strain is an even balance of sativa and indica. Cookies N’ Cream was created from two other in-demand strains: Girl Scout Cookies & Starfighter. From this strain, you can expect full, round, fluffy buds, with beautiful silver trichomes coating frosty green sugar leaves. Its flavour and scent profile is a strong expression of its Girl Scout Cookies parent, with smooth, creamy notes reminiscent of fresh baked goods.  It averages around 25% THC and 2% CBD.


  • MTL Cannabis Sage N’ Sour: A high-THC Sativa dominant hybrid with approximately 26% THC and 2% CBG. Sage N’ Sour is a rare strain that was created from Sour Diesel and S.A.G.E.. This strain is pungent and gassy with lime, pepper, and cedar accents. This strain boasts large, foxtail buds with dense trichome development and vibrant orange pistils.

MTL Cannabis: What Customers Are Saying

Buy MTL CANNABIS From Bud Brothers Cannabis Dispensary

About Cookies N’ Cream:
The black plastic jar that the weed comes in will keep it super fresh. No need to put your flower into a different container once you get home. The bud is crisp, but won’t crumble when you hold it. It’s a nice balance of dry and fluffy. It is covered with crystals and has a sweet smell to it. The smoke is smooth and consistent. This is a great option for new cannabis consumers since it doesn’t have a hard hit to it. 

About Sage N’ Sour:
This strain is craft cannabis from the legal cannabis market in Montreal. The pre-rolls are made really well and each of them has fresh Sage N’ Sour bud rolled inside. It is a very consistent smoke. Since this is a sativa dominant hybrid strain, you can expect a bit of a body high along with the classic head high that a sativa strain will bring on. These joints are pleasant to smoke and have a cedar and flowery taste from the Sage N’ Sour.

About MTL Cannabis

MTL Cannabis is a Montreal Canadian company passionate about cannabis culture and gearing products towards the needs of the modern cannabis consumer. The owners of MTL Cannabis are two brothers: Rich & Mitch.

Pre-Rolls: $17.25
Flower: $34.95

Don’t forget to bring your ID when you come into Bud Brothers Cannabis Dispensary or get weed delivered to your home!

How To Use MTL Cannabis Pre-Rolled Joints

Simply take the pre-rolled Sage N’ Sour MTL Cannabis joint out of the package. Then, use a match, lighter, or hemp wick to evenly light the twisted tip of the joint. Take small, short inhales at first to get the joint started. Once it is evenly lit, take longer, smooth inhales as you wish.

3 images of packs of pre-rolled joints from Bud Brothers Cannabis dispensary in Hamilton, Ontario.

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