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Are you searching for pre-rolls to buy in Hamilton, ON? Bud Brothers Cannabis offers a wide selection of pre-rolls both in-store and online.

Bud Brothers Cannabis Hamilton Dispensary sells joints pre-rolled from several different brands. Check out Hamilton’s #1 dispensary near McMaster university today for every cannabis product you are looking for!

Bud Brothers Hamilton Dispensary

Now, you can buy joints pre-rolled and other types of cannabis in Hamilton from the Bud Brothers Cannabis Dispensary. Your joints are ready to smoke! No need to grind your weed, buy papers, or roll a joint yourself. Simply pick up a pack of pre-rolls and light it up!

Joints that are rolled for you are the same as any joint rolled with weed. The only difference is that our pre-rolls are already ready to smoke!

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Cannabis Pre-rolls Hamilton

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Pre-rolled cannabis allows individuals to enjoy blunts and joints at their convenience without preparing them. It is among the most popular cannabis consumption forms since they are discreet, safe, and can be disposed of easily after use.

Bud Brothers Cannabis offers a wide selection of joints that are pre-rolled and completely filled with the best cannabis variations. As the top dispensary in Hamilton, ON, we take pride in our ability to serve people in and out of the area.

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Always Prepared With Pre Rolled Joints

One of the main benefits of using the best cannabis joints that are pre-rolled is that you will be aware of what you will be getting. Instead of risking receiving a joint, you are not sure of what it comprises, the ready-to-smoke joints at Bud Brothers Cannabis are very transparent allowing you to understand what you are purchasing.

Order Pre Rolled Joint & Cannabis Edibles

If you are over 19 years and interested in purchasing pre-rolls and cannabis edibles, Bud Brothers Cannabis is ready to serve you. Whether you plan to use cannabis for recreation purposes, medical reasons, or first-time use, our pre-rolls will provide you with a great and rewarding experience.

Bud Brothers Dispensary

Another great benefit is the ability to try new mixtures and strains. Our joints that are pre-rolled will make it easier for one to get different mixtures or blends ensuring total satisfaction. Our joints are easy to use, disposable, and help save time you would have otherwise spent grinding and rolling your weed.

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Friendly Staff At Bud Brothers Dispensary

Bud Brothers Cannabis offers a wide range of lab-tested and high-quality cannabis products to choose from. Our products are appropriate for beginner, intermediate, and experienced smokers.

Visit our store today or make a phone call at 289-768-5659 and learn more about our cannabis products. We have professional teams at our stores that will help you get the right cannabis solution for all your needs at affordable rates.

The only Hamilton dispensary you need for high-quality cannabis.

Logo with green weed leaf that reads "Bud Brothers Cannabis".
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Do Pre Rolls Last?

Cannabis joints will last up to 12 months and even longer if stored in an air-tight container, like a mason jar. Wee joints range from 0.5g to 1.5g on average and joints come in various shapes and sizes. Most often, you will receive cannabis rolled with white rolling paper with a filter inside.

Take a break from rolling and enjoy the luxury of having someone else roll for you! We also offer the service of the same-day delivery, if the order is being placed before 5 pm. Otherwise, the delivery will be made the very next day.

CBD Pre Rolled Joints

If you are looking for the best CBD pre-rolled joints in Hamilton, visit Bud Brothers Cannabis Dispensary. We offer 10% discounts for seniors 55+, and a 10 % discount to health workers. A valid ID is required for the customer to purchase the joints from our dispensary.

Our online shopping dispensary is available while our store is open during regular business hours to serve our clients. We have the potential to fulfill all your cannabis-related needs and we will surely meet your needs with our efforts and a hard-working team.

Several Pre-Rolls of Medicinal Cannabis with Flower Cannabis on the background
Grinder with weed next to 3 rolled joints.

Pre Rolled Joints Delivery Near Me

Buying pre-rolls in Hamilton is not an issue anymore. You can rely on the Buds Brother Cannabis Dispensary services and staff for all of your cannabis-related needs. Our services are available daily from Monday to Sunday and we offer special discounts. You can also find discounts for our in-store purchases of cannabis, pre-rolls, and marijuana. 

Pre-rolls, joints, or blunts are conveniently available in our store and online.

High-Quality Pre Rolls

At Bud Brothers Cannabis, we take pride in the quality of our product. Joints and blunts can be infused with concentrates and mixed with different strains for slightly different experiences.

The Bud Brothers Cannabis team combines years of committed and dedicated experience bringing legacy to the legal weed market. We welcome the Hamilton community into our family-owned dispensary where we will educate them about the enjoyable and safe use of cannabis products.

A rolled joint sitting on a wooden table beside several buds of cannabis.

“Wow, This Is The Best Weed In Hamilton!”

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Pre-Rolled Joints With Wax & Kief

We have every type of pre-rolled joint you are looking for. If we’re ever out of stock on our online shop, please let us know and we will get it for you as fast as possible. Apart from facing the challenges due to COVID, we still thrived through the period and struggled hard to meet our clients’ needs within Hamilton, Ontario because for us our clients always come first.

If you’re feeling indecisive about what kind of pre-rolls to order, choose from our “Staff Picks” selection or speak to one of our friendly front desk staff. We are happy to help our buds 🙂


Bud Brothers Cannabis is your nearest weed dispensary and offers vapes, flowers, topicals, capsules, cannabis-infused beverages, pre-rolls, CBD Oil, and all cannabis-related accessories in Ontario.

All our products will save you the hassle of trying to prepare cannabis by having the flower pre-rolled for you, packaged, and ready to go!

Our mission is to be considered one of the most knowledgeable, friendliest, and highest quality retailers of cannabis in Hamilton, ON. We have an unwavering commitment to offering our customers government-approved; laboratory tested and best available products at an affordable price.

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Pre-rolls are expertly made by experienced professionals. They comprise a rolling paper or wrapper, filter, and a high-quality ground cannabis flower.

Yes, in fact, they are considered to be the greatest since sliced bread! Most dispensaries do sell pre-rolls. When you do not have the know-how or time to roll joints by yourself, pre-rolls are a great option.

Pre-rolls are our best bet when it comes to affordability. It is one of the most affordable options as they cost less than bongs, vaporizers, and pipes. Although they are a low-cost product, buying quality equipment can be quite costly. You should never worry about the grinder cost when you purchase pre-rolls.

CBD pre-rolls are considered to be one of the most convenient ways of consuming CBD flowers. When you are not interested in taking time to grind and going through the entire rolling procedure, pre-rolls are always ready immediately after you open the package.

Looking to test your first package of pre-rolled joints? We highly recommend the Ghost Drops Triple Threat Pack because there are 3 different strains (3 joints) in each pack. This is a great way to test out different strains. 

If you’re looking for pre-rolled blunts, we highly recommend The Loud Plug Benny Blunto or Guava Biscotti.

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