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The Loud Plug Blunts: Product Review

The Loud Plug Blunts are pre-rolled blunts wrapped well with a great, smooth taste. In this review, we are taking a closer look at The Loud Plug Guava Biscotti and The Loud Plug Benny Blunto.

What’s Inside The Loud Plug Guava Biscotti Blunts?

The Loud Plug Guava Biscotti strain is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid with 23% THC, which is considered high THC. This strain’s direct lineage is somewhat unknown, although it draws strong influence from the Gelato strain family. Its tropical and creamy citrus profile is complemented by subtle notes of funk and gas.

An innovative choice from the Loud plug was to swap out the tobacco and hemp for chamomile wraps, making this a one-of-a-kind smoke.  Included in the pack there are 3 x 0.5g pre-rolled blunts. They are tobacco-free and there is a humidity pack inside the package.

What’s Inside The Loud Plug Benny Blunto?

The Loud Plug Benny Blunto is packed with an indica strain called La Kush, which has a high THC of 24%. La Kush is thought to be an OG Kush phenotype. True to its roots, this strain is packed with warm notes of earth and nuttiness, balanced by fresh pine and menthol. Paired with the mellow chamomile wrap, users can expect a true indica experience. Included in the package there is a 1g pre-rolled blunt. This blunt is tobacco-free and a humidity pack is in the bag as well.

How To Use The Loud Plug Blunts

Buy THE LOUD PLUG PRODUCTS From Bud Brothers Cannabis Dispensary

Pre-rolled blunts and pre-rolled joints are created to be convenient and easy to use. Light the tip of The Loud Plug blunts evenly on all sides with a lighter, rotating the blunt slowly between your fingertips, with the lit end pointing away from you. Take a couple of short, little puffs to get it started. Once you are ready, start inhaling more deeply and smoke until you are satisfied with the high.

The Loud Plug Blunts: What Customers Are Saying

About The Guava Biscotti Blunts:
Tastey little blunts that burn evenly, with clean white ash throughout the whole smoke. The blunt wrap has a slight bubblegum taste to it. Some customers say it tastes like berries or melon. They are very well rolled and produce a heavier smoke compared to joints. Rolled with chamomile tea leaves and filled with fresh bud grown in a legacy micro-grower facility in British Columbia. 

The flower is covered in trichrome crystals, which add to the sweet taste of this blunt. There are three small blunts in each package (0.5 grams each) which can be a nice alternative for smokers who don’t want a full-gram blunt.

About Benny Blunto:

The blunt wrap burns dark at first, then lightens up towards the end of the smoke. Since the blunt wrap is packed with La Kush, an indica strain, the high is fairly strong and long-lasting. The blunt is loose in the bag. The La Kush strain pairs well with the sweet taste of the chamomille blunt wrap. Better for evening use as it might make you a bit sleepy. 

If a half-gram blunt just isn’t enough for you, it’s time to try Benny Blunto.

About The Loud Plug Company

The loud plug is a brand under CCC (Canadian Clinic Cannabinoids Inc) and is located in British Columbia. The Loud Plug Blunts are the perfect smoking experience for anyone looking to get a quick high. Their cannabis strains are potent, flavorful, and affordable.

Where To Buy The Loud Plug Cannabis

You can buy these products from Bud Brothers Cannabis near McMaster University. Don’t forget: students get 10% off on Sundays!

3 images of packs of pre-rolled joints from Bud Brothers Cannabis dispensary in Hamilton, Ontario.

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