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Buy Weed Accessories in Hamilton, Ontario

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Cannabis Accessories: Everything You Need

Cannabis accessories are available on our online store and even in-store located in Hamilton, Ontario. You can also get a top and high-quality strain from our wide selection of cannabis products. A few of our most popular weed accessories include:

Orange chronic cleaner

Stainless steel screens

RAW cones

RAW hemp wick

Rolling tray

The Best Smoking Accessories

Our dispensary has been in business since 2021 and is continuously thriving to meet all the industry challenges and find valuable solutions to meet our client’s needs. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Bud Brothers Cannabis Dispensary continues to provide the highest quality smoking accessories to our customers.

Sky torch

Original tips

Ultra thin rolling papers

White papers

Blue glass pipe with weed sitting on a table next to a grinder.
Logo with green weed leaf that reads "Bud Brothers Cannabis".

Vape Batteries & Cartridges

Our collection of vaporizers and batteries and intended to make you feel less overwhelmed about the process of using vaporized substances. If vaping isn’t your thing, search for one of the other accessories we carry in our dispensary and our online shop. The products shown in our display cases in-personal are often offered at discounted rates to students, health care workers, and seniors. Treat yourself to a pipe with cool designs to enhance your personal experiences with smoking cannabis.

Red glass pipe with a cannabis bud sitting in the bowl of the pipe.
Glass pipe isolated on a white studio background

Buy Cannabis Accessories in Hamilton, ON

Are you looking for some cannabis accessories located in Hamilton, Ontario? If yes, then you are in the right place! Smoking weed has never been easier. Grab yourself a rolling tray, weed grinder, and a bit of legal dry herb, and enjoy your recreational marijuana. We are the city’s best head shop and supplier of legal dry herb, dab tools, pipes, rolling papers, bongs, and vaporizer products.

The only Hamilton dispensary you need for high-quality hash, shatter, & kief.

Logo with green weed leaf that reads "Bud Brothers Cannabis".
Advertisement promoting special discount for health care workers every day at local Hamilton dispensary, 10% off.

Quality Weed Accessories Near Me

Various types of cannabis accessories are available at the Bud Brother store that will help you to make cannabis-infused products at home easily.

Some of the smoking accessories you will find on our menu include:

For humble and fume formation:55% boost humidity pack

Vanpak: banger – quartz in a box

Banger – glass loose is available

Bic lighter 

Black papers


About Us

If you are looking for cannabis accessories, visit our bong shop near McMaster University or our online shop to know more about which products we offer to our customers. Use your shatter, hash, kief, or wax with ease. Remember, if you have in questions about how to keep your glass accessories clean and safe, get in touch with one of our experts today. In general, the options are endless when it comes to which method you choose to consume your cannabis.

Black and metallic grinder with cannabis
Three wood shelves with folded t-shirts and hats.

Cheap Smoking Accessories In Hamilton, ON

You can also buy weed accessories from our store with discounts on your purchases along with delivery services. Our delivery depends on the time you make an order, once you make an order, you will receive the delivery the same day, if the purchase is made before 5 pm. Join your buds who saved on their last order! Pass on the savings while you upgrade your accessories and fill up your cart.

Black single wide double-feed papers

Bong – small glass assorted

Boveda 62%

Bowl – glass 14 mm with handle

Colibri butane small

Dab tools


Fantastic product, and brilliant store. Had not heard of Bud Brothers but we are really impressed. CBD vape came quickly and the quality is excellent. Would absolutely recommend it to anyone. -Max

Bong Shop Near Me

Bud Brothers Cannabis Dispensary is all set to provide you with amazing services and products thanks to the amazing people in our Hamilton community! Hamilton said we needed better places to experience cannabis culture and we heard you. Buy glass pipes, bongs, and other goods in addition to your cannabis flower, CBD oil, vapes, edibles, pre rolls, and concentrates. To make it simple, you can’t just one without the other! Roll easy with our special rolling papers. Great times are on the horizon after your visit our local dispensary in Hamilton, Ontario.

You can call us today at 289-768-5659 to ask us a question or to place your next order!

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Accessories Available at Bud Brothers

All of these above-mentioned accessories whelp our customers consume cannabis products at home, with ease. You can now easily buy the cannabis flower near you from our local store located in Hamilton and you can also get the accessories delivered straight to your house.

Check out our menu to see which smoking accessories are the best for you! If you’re in need of rolling trays or just a lighter for your pre-rolled joints, we’ve got you covered, bud! Our user-submitted reviews found that the best weed accessories in Hamilton can be found at Bud Brothers Dispensary near McMaster University. Come in and say hi or visit our online headshop instead.

Why Choose Us?

Bud Brothers offers different products to its customers including flower, pre-rolled joints, smoking accessories, concentrates, and CBD oil. The best thing to keep in mind is to know about the use of cannabis and how it affects an individual for the first time. You should also know about the quantity of weed you should consume for your experience level. Please talk to a customer representative at our shop today to confirm which products will work the best for you.

Logo with green weed leaf that reads "Bud Brothers Cannabis".


The accessories you potentially want to buy will depend a lot on the method you are using to consume your weed. If you are smoking pre rolls, for example, you will only need lighters. For heavier smokers consuming bud, you could consider getting a water bong or a glass pipe. Vaping, on the other hand, will require a cartridge and a vape battery. As you can see, there are many different ways to join the “daily high club”. Call our team at Bud Brothers Dispensary today for answers to all of your questions about the best weed accessories.

A glass pipe is simply called a pipe. If the pipe has water inside, it is referred to as a bong. There are different glassware to choose from when it comes to enhancing your smoking experience.

Weed can grow mold if left exposed to air for a long period of time. So, if there is weed in your pipe and it goes uncleaned for a while, it is possible that it will grow mold.

It all depends on the experience you are looking for! Whether you prefer pipes over bongs is completely up to each individual.

No, weed pipes and other weed accessories are legal in Ontario when bought from local legal dispensaries such as Bud Brothers Cannabis.

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