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Bud Brothers Cannabis is a weed delivery dispensary located in Hamilton, Ontario. We have high-quality flower, cannabis-infused beverages, vapes, CBD oil, pre-rolled joints, and the finest accessories. You can also order online and get your cannabis delivered the same the very same day. Enjoy the best buds, from your best buds, at Bud Brothers Cannabis Near McMaster University.

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Finding cannabis vapes in Hamilton and vape cartridges to buy online with same-day delivery just got easier! Let us help you find the right cannabis vapes in Hamilton and vape cartridges to buy online with delivery in no time or visit our vapour shop today.

Quality Marijuana Concentrates

Bud Brothers Cannabis is known to have high-quality cannabis strains in stock consistently. Whether you plan on smoking cannabis or are just checking out your local Hamilton cannabis dispensary for weed concentrates or edibles, we are ready to help.

Now you can also enjoy the sweet discounts on hashish, cannabis extracts, and gummies or drinks that include cannabis. All you have to do is choose from our menu and it will be at your doorstep right away!

Shatter, Kief, & Hash Near Me

Did you know cannabis is available in different forms & can be concentrated into hash, kief, and shatter? Hash, kief, and shatter are extracted from cannabis and come in different forms. We carry a wide selection of cannabis products with CBD and THC. Order online before 5pm for free delivery right to your door.

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The only Hamilton dispensary you need for high-quality hash, shatter, & kief.

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Dispensary Product List

There is a wide range of concentrate types you can choose from our local cannabis store, including:

Crumble, hashish or hash, distillate, budder/badder, crystalline, dry sifts, caviar, bubble hash, charas, hash oil, cannabis flower essential oils, rosin, terp sauce, shatter, honeycomb, kief, pull and snap, live resin, & wax.

All these types are slightly different from one another due to flavour, intensity, THC level, and concentration of cannabis. These concentrates include high levels of THC that are stronger than the THC added in top-shelf marijuana.

About us

Visit our weed shop located in Hamilton near McMaster University for the best buds in the city. You can visit our shop on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday through Friday! Our shop provides same-day delivery to clients on all orders before 5 pm.

Cannabis Concentrates Store Hamilton

Our professional staff at our Hamilton location is ready to instruct you or guide beginners about hash, kief, and shatter and other weed quality and intensity.

Bud Brothers Cannabis Hamilton offers an amazing line of cannabis products from different brands. Check out our special promotion on purchases made by students, healthcare workers, and seniors! We are open every day of the week. Remember to check our site for new products often.

About Us

If you are looking for a reliable weed vendor or online cannabis dispensary, then Bud Brothers is the right choice for you. Forget about other dispensaries in the GTA, this is your sign to connect with the best cannabis supplier there is! Our store hours are posted on our website. We offer free delivery, in-store pickup, and curbside pickup. Simply call our Hamilton dispensary today for more information or to place an order. It’s never been easier to smoke weed.

You can call us today at 289-768-5659 to ask us a question or to place your next order!

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Live resin in the form of dabs is considered to be the strongest form. It’s not recommended for beginners.

The best form of concentrate for you will depend on the experience you are interested in having. Our most popular concentrates are has, kief, and shatter.

Yes, you can make it at home, but there are several safety concerns to be aware of. We recommend you save the time and stay safe by purchasing regulated concentrates from our stores in Hamilton, Ontario instead.

Typically our customers will dab with rosin, budder, or wax.